My practice reflects how I would like to be cared for by a health care provider.

It is important to understand each person is a fully, integrated human being who cannot be reduced or separated into component parts. In building health, all possibilities must be investigated: metabolic, hormonal, nutritional, neurological, & toxicity. Consequently, disease labels based on symptoms do not address the root cause of the problem.  Cases given the same diagnosis require a different approach due to the individuality of each person.

Simply stated: we must address the person holistically, i.e., in terms of body, mind and emotion.


Note: The Process varies depending upon the service rendered.  The information stated below is for long-standing complicated problems that have not responded to conventional care.  It is not for Craniosacral, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Classical Homeopathy, etc.  Those involve less time and are priced differently.

Case History Form Completion – (Prior to your first visit)

The forms are sent prior to the first visit so any questions can be addressed by email or phone.  Although the forms are important, they do not take the place of a thorough case history. 

First Visit: Case History (3 hours)

Since I feel your time is no less important than mine, there is no waiting room.  You will be seen upon arrival. This can take up to an hour and a half, depending on the complexity of the case.  After the history, a routine urine test is taken, along with some tests for evidence of free radical accumulation, vitamin C and nitric oxide deficiencies. This is followed by a brief physical exam and a neurological screen.  With this information, the necessary blood and saliva tests will be determined.  The whole process takes about 3 hours to complete, with time for questions.

Evaluation & Treatment Plan

After receiving all information including the labs, I work to determine what patterns are evident and what treatment is needed to restore homeostasis.  The treatment must fit the whole person, not the label.  In other words, the treatment is “patient specific”, not “disease specific”.  Suggestions will be put in a comprehensive plan necessary for returning the patient to health via “self-healing”. 

Visit Two: Discussion & Report of Findings (2 + hours)

During this session we go over the report of findings and the individualized protocols to restore health. We will look at any major and minor patterns of dysfunction. You will be educated as to what the tests mean and how your body is functioning. Appropriate dietary regimen, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements may be recommended at this time

Follow up Visits:

It is important we adjust your treatment plan based on its effectiveness. Therefore, we will schedule follow up appointments in 30, 60, and 90 days. This makes sense since health is a process, not an “event”.


Over the years, I have learned never to assume I have all the answers. I consider each case to be unique. This has allowed me to help some very difficult cases where the patient has already been to many other practitioners.   

Finally, each patient ultimately must take responsibility for his/her health condition, working to develop mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.