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Stephen E. Waters, D.C., Lic.Ac. (UK), D.N.M., PSc.D.

Dr. Waters’ journey into healthcare began over 40 years ago while visiting Mexico.  One day, an older man suffering from severe arthritis asked for help in lighting a cigarette as he was unable to strike the match. He was gently obliged.  At that moment, Dr. Waters felt something very deep inside which changed the course of his life.  He sensed his purpose was to help those who were suffering and to learn as much as possible about the principles and art of healing.

 Thereafter, he was inspired to seek natural forms of healing, beginning his career as a Chiropractor (1978) and a Five Element Acupuncturist (1981). In order to begin the process of healing the body on all levels, Dr. Waters felt it was of utmost importance to treat the whole person, not just symptoms. He believed there was a more effective way to health than taking drugs for life.

After practicing a short while, he made the decision to go to medical school, but was disillusioned due to so much emphasis being placed on naming the disease rather than building health. Consequently Dr. Waters left medical school to continue the search for other methods of healing around the world.  His travels took him to Turkey, India, Nepal, and Brazil where he witnessed not only different cultures, but different approaches to health, diet, nutrition and lifestyle.  Feeling the need to continue his practice, Dr. Waters returned to his hometown in New Jersey, eventually reopening his practice and incorporating many of the healing arts he practices today.

Dr. Waters understands the importance of keeping abreast of the latest scientific research; applying it in an artistic manner using both a sprinkle of intuition and an umbrella of common sense.  Ultimately, this triggers the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Helping those who are suffering regain their health is his life’s work and passion. 

In 2012, Dr. Waters moved his practice to the Kansas City area where he currently resides.     

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